Gran Turismo 7 – Colorado Springs Lake – Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]

Gran Turismo 7 – Colorado Springs Lake – Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]
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Gran Turismo 7 – Logitech G29 Driving Force – Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]
Gaming Consoles Specs:

►PlayStation 5
►TV: Samsung QLED QE55Q6FN 4K Ultra HD
►Capture Card: Elgato Game Capture 4K60 S+
►Steering Wheel & Pedals: Logitech G29 Driving Force
►Playseat: Playseat Evolution Alcantara

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Game Information:

More than 400 cars from 60-plus automotive brands around the world
An amazing collection of a vast variety of cars, from production models to rare and legendary cars, has been among the key DNA ingredients of Gran Turismo. The tradition continues in GT7, as it offers more than 400 cars from 60-plus automotive manufacturers around the world. More will be added to this massive total in the form of future updates.

Tracks from 34 locations with 97 layouts
The list of tracks that serve as the stage for all the racing action have been expanded for GT7. With the traditional mix of real-life and original circuits, GT7 features tracks in 34 different locations with 97 unique layouts. Classic series circuits such as Trial Mountain, Deep Forest, and High Speed Ring are making a comeback, updated to the latest technology. Also, additional tracks are also planned to be added with future updates.

Venture into a car-themed resort
The fan-favorite World Map is coming back to the series with GT7. This time, it’s taking the form of a resort where players can enjoy their car life, as well as use it as a menu to get direct access to the various features of the game. The first thing that players will do in this world is buy a compact car with their initial credits. Building from there, they will take on challenges in the form of races and various events to work their way up to obtain faster cars and rewards. They’ll also be able to tune and upgrade their original cars to become faster as they progress through the game. Using the “Garage” as a home base for storing their cars, players can venture out to the car resort to discover more about the automobile and its history.

The Café: A place to discover car history and culture
At the Café, players receive Menu Books, which provide quests that guides them through the many locations of this car resort. The Menu Book is at the center of the GT7 experience, assisting players in collecting cars. After completing a book, players can listen to a curated description of their newly acquired cars, and sometimes even meet the designers who were involved in their creation! The game is designed so that players will naturally interact with the history and culture of the automobile through the Menu Books.

Three Car Dealerships
Car Dealerships are where cars can be purchased in the game. In GT7, players will progress through the game using three different dealerships depending on their objectives. One of these dealerships is Brand Central, where vehicles produced in 2001 and after can be found. Roughly 300 cars are available, and in the dedicated Museum section within a brand, players can learn more about their history.

At the Used Car Dealership, players can purchase used cars at a more reasonable price than something brand new. That said, there are some models, such as Japanese sports cars from the 1990s that command a premium price, usually well above their original sticker. The used car lineup is planned to be updated every day.

Finally, there’s the Legendary Car Dealership that offers rare and iconic cars with high historical value.

World Circuits: Visit and race on the world’s greatest tracks
World Circuits is a location where players have access to the tracks featured in GT7. From here, they can visit various circuits and take part in races and championships there, among other things. The Circuit Experience feature focuses on learning all the sectors of a track, and the Custom Race feature allows you to choose weather conditions, time of the day, number of laps, and your opponents to your liking.

License Center and Missions
In addition to the many races that represent the core of the GT7 experience, the game includes a variety of fun activities, such as those in the License Center. This mode acts as a driving school where players can take on short time trial challenges with the aim of obtaining Gold awards while honing their driving skills.

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