Mi primer GAMEPLAY – Zuma Ep1

“Pala que wen gameplay. Laik.”
-Abraham Lincoln.

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Zuma…. just trying to play sometime chill and hope the power doesn’t go out…no cam or mic…new

Played Zuma just hoping the power didn't go out. It was a bad storm night Don't forget to check out my calendar. Link...

Zuma’s Revenge: Zone 3, Lost City (No Commentary)

#ZumasRevenge #NoCommentary #PCGames #Nostalgia

Zuma Deluxe Granny 3 V 1.1

Link ada dekat video Zuma Deluxe Fnaf 2

Zuma’s Revenge: Zone 5, Undersea Grotto (No Commentary)

I don't know why the software, Gecata, de-syncs the audio after 2 minutes of the footage, I'm gonna use OBS again. #ZumasRevenge #NoCommentary #PCGames #Nostalgia

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