Star Citizen | Top 5 BEST Features of Star Citizen Alpha 3.14

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Contents ::
0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Feature 1 – Brand New UI & HUD
1:23 – UI & HUD: Symbology
12:51 – UI & HUD – Weapons
14:04 – UI & HUD – Missile Operator Mode
16:45 – Feature 2 – Missile Rework & MOP
20:52 – Feature 3 – RSI Constellation Taurus
22:26 – Feature 4 – Volumetric Clouds V1
25:30 – Feature 5 – Orison Landing Zone, Crusader
30:05 – Outro

Description ::
#starcitizen is getting a new update very soon! #Alpha 3.14 is currently in #PTU and will be released in the coming weeks. Here are my picks for the BEST 5 new features coming in Star Citizen 3.14!

What are yours? 🙂

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