[Zuma Deluxe] Custom path EDITOR!

Hello everyone! I have decided to promote a Zuma Custom Path EDITOR made by gabixdev! Very handy editor allowing to make any kinda of a curvy path you wish!
It has been a long journey, since 2017 and discovering custom paths by Sphere Matcher community. First it started innocently, then two major mods (Zuma Extended and Zuma Simplified) blew away many people, who thought that Zuma Deluxe custom path would be impossible. Later on, CMZM with another high quality custom paths shown its spotlight. After long research, a Zuma Custom Path Editor is finally made by the gabixdev! It’s in early stage of development, that’s why you’ll experience issues with ball spacing, but other than that, we can celebrate! And practice skills in custom pathmaking by yourself obviously :)… And making graphics for mods too (That’s what I lack in :P)

Have an awesome day! 😀
Download link to the source code: https://github.com/gabixdev/zuma-editor/
Online link to the online editor: https://gabixdev.github.io/zuma-editor/
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