Zuma Deluxe Trial Version v1.00r Walkthrough Trial Course Part 07 (2004 Popcap Games)

Played by James-Taylor

Zuma is a 2003 indie tile-matching puzzle computer game was designed and developed by Oberon Media, published by PopCap Games. It was released for a number of platforms, including PDAs, mobile phones, and the iPod.

An enhanced version, called Zuma Deluxe, was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X as well as an Xbox Live Arcade download for the Xbox 360 and a PlayStation Network download for the PlayStation 3. It is also included with the PlayStation 3 retail version of Bejeweled 3, along with Feeding Frenzy 2.

Zuma received the 2004 “Game of the Year” award from RealArcade.

The sequel, Zuma’s Revenge! was launched on 15 September 2009 for Windows and Mac. Zuma Blitz went live on Facebook on 14 December 2010, and was described by PopCap as “the social adaptation” providing players with “the first competitive and cooperative iteration of Zuma in the game’s history.


Developer: PopCap Games, Inc., Oberon Media
Publisher: PopCap Games, Inc.
Powered Game Engine: Zuma Engine
Author: Jason Kapalka

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